Monday, October 19, 2009

My Biology Blog

For those of you who may or may not have seen my other blog, I created it for my Biology class like I said in my previous post. But, I told my teacher I created one myself, but (I'm using that word too much, got to get a new one ... hmmm ) he said that I couldn't use that one, because it had to be school "protected". You know what I mean , right? Getting to the point of this, its the second month of school, and we havent created those blogs yet. Teachers, so UGH! Sometimes they just kill me!

He did create one for himself, to put our assignments for the day on it.

The best part though , (this is random) I'm taller than him! HAHA I love it! Being taller than a teacher is the best! It gives you a sense of power! xD


  1. Geesh, what's with that? Telling kids in the beginning of the year that they are going to be doing something cool and not follow through?!?

    It is pretty cool to be taller than your teacher. I know!!

  2. i was taller than one of my teachers too, it really does give you extra power around them doesn't it.
    Typical of teachers though to promise to do something then not do it!!! I really only had confidence in two of my teacher and i think it was simply because they stuk to their word and never let me down. xx


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