Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So during the middle of the school year, I decided to take up a couple new instruments.. Flute and Alto sax.. I can say that I have been slacking a little with the sax.. But with ALL that free time over the summer.. I'll be good enough for jazz band. (: The flute on the other hand.. I think I've "mastered" that.. Plan on playing it in concert band Sophomore year.. Changing up the sections! :D  Going to continue on the Clarinet in Marching Band, and hope to join jazz with the Sax... As you can see, i've put a lot of thought into this.. I plan to use every instrument I own (so far) for at least my sophomore year!

End of the Year

Well... I did it. Got through my freshman year.. 16 Days left of school... I think it's safe to say I'm done! We got our yearbooks today! I will forever call it " My first "BIG" yearbook."  So many people I will miss. Marching Band will be something to get used to, again.. No more being called Freshmeat! Just sophomores(;