Sunday, March 14, 2010

Job Hunting.

So, i've decided I want a job, make some dough. But where I can work is limited considering my age. I want to work somewhere fun. But not a grocery store. I wanted to work at the book store, but who knew you have to 18 to work there?! Target is out, aeropostale is out, hollister.. all the "cool" stores. Any suggestions?

Well, it's March.

School is out in three months.... Glad to not be a freshman, but sad to see this year go. I met some pretty awesome people and will miss them. (I always manage to make friends with the Seniors... [I'm just that awesome] ) Marching Band is almost back... Yes! Oh how i've missed it so.

Happy Pi Day!

3.14xxxxxx whatever the rest of those numbers are. Haha.