Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Starting My Own Random Monday's !

I need some more things to post on my blog. So here it goes. I've noticed that every time I go to type in a blog url I always type "blognamehere" . I swear I'm not dislexic! (Did I spell that correct?) I just happen to type it like that. Just thought I would share that with you.

So this past weekend was (as some of you may know) a flea market that my mom and I participated in. I conjured up somethings to sell. For instance,  some of the toy cars I don't use anymore. Those went like popflys ! Woo for me! Too bad I couldn't sell them for anymore than $1.00 . 

My mom also posted a blog about the american girl doll Kirsten being discontinued. This really truly brought a tear to my eye. I love american girl dolls! I want one of my own ! The kind that you can create to look like you.

Last post for my random Monday's . I was "bad" today. Hehe. In my biology class we use the computers. So I finished my work early and was bored, soooo I decided to take a little peek at my mothers blog. :) I was bored what can I say ! Its also a good thing to have a phone like mine becauseee , I went on myspace too .


  1. You should be a part of Random Thought Tuesdays...I know you did this for Monday, but if you get in on the one for Tuesdays you may get more readers.

  2. I remember American Girl Dolls! My mom got me one of the customizable ones for me for my birthday when I was younger. Me and my friends used to dress up like our dolls in matching outfits (in like 3rd grade mind you) and we though we were so cool haha. Some of us even had a little club with all our matching little "mini me's". It was fun, I miss dolls in general :(. It's sad once you get older and remember things that used to make you so happy as a child but then lose interest. Oh, well though, I figure I can just wait till the day that I can play dolls with my own little girl (years from now obviously haha). But cheers to playing pretend, I miss it.


Thanks for the comment!