Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So during the middle of the school year, I decided to take up a couple new instruments.. Flute and Alto sax.. I can say that I have been slacking a little with the sax.. But with ALL that free time over the summer.. I'll be good enough for jazz band. (: The flute on the other hand.. I think I've "mastered" that.. Plan on playing it in concert band Sophomore year.. Changing up the sections! :D  Going to continue on the Clarinet in Marching Band, and hope to join jazz with the Sax... As you can see, i've put a lot of thought into this.. I plan to use every instrument I own (so far) for at least my sophomore year!

End of the Year

Well... I did it. Got through my freshman year.. 16 Days left of school... I think it's safe to say I'm done! We got our yearbooks today! I will forever call it " My first "BIG" yearbook."  So many people I will miss. Marching Band will be something to get used to, again.. No more being called Freshmeat! Just sophomores(;

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Job Hunting.

So, i've decided I want a job, make some dough. But where I can work is limited considering my age. I want to work somewhere fun. But not a grocery store. I wanted to work at the book store, but who knew you have to 18 to work there?! Target is out, aeropostale is out, hollister.. all the "cool" stores. Any suggestions?

Well, it's March.

School is out in three months.... Glad to not be a freshman, but sad to see this year go. I met some pretty awesome people and will miss them. (I always manage to make friends with the Seniors... [I'm just that awesome] ) Marching Band is almost back... Yes! Oh how i've missed it so.

Happy Pi Day!

3.14xxxxxx whatever the rest of those numbers are. Haha.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Short and Sweet.

It's a litte late, but happy 2010. 2 More years until the world comes to an end. Haha. Just kidding. Nothing to exciting has happened to me this year so far.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just call me butter, I'm on a roll.

Woop, here we go, number three for the day! No, I did not come up with the title to this post on my own. My band teacher uses it frequently and I find it quite catchy. Anywho, I've almost made it through my first year in higshcool! Can you believe it? I can't. Only 6 more months left. Yes, I am a little ahead of the game with being excited about school being "almost" over, but this year has just gone by so fast!  Today we got  our yearbook order forms, (my first "thick" yearbook) and yearbooks are just so darn spiffy now! Name plates?! Woo! For an extra 3.50, you get your name on a plate, and anything you want underneath it! I didn't get anything special... Just "Freshman Year."