Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Blog

So I've been trying and trying to come up with something to write about. Finally I've decided to just write, and maybe I'll think of something. Marching band is going great. Highschool is wonderful! Homecoming is right around the corner, October 24th to be exact, and I just got my dress and shoes! The perfect dress, and my mom picked it out. Had five dresses in the dressing room, tried on one dress before that, then tried this one and said I don't want to even try the others. This is the one I want! Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Everyone has their favorite class, and their most despised class. Thought I would put mine out here. My favorite class, or subject I should say, is MATH! Love math! The teacher is a little weird, but love the subject. It makes you think, and everything only has one answer not a bunch that you have to be specific about. Numbers, and letters, how much easier can it get? =) The class , I despise the most is, P.E.! They don't even call it p.e. in highschool, they call it H.O.P.E Health Opportunities through Physical Education. I could go on forever why I do not like this class but I'll leave at, that it messes up my hair, ;) and because I have to change into different clothes and by the time I put my normal clothes back on, they're all stretched out. =p . At least I only have to take it one year though. =) 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First Day!

As a tribute to my new blog, I think I will tell you followers about my first day of highschool. So, I take out my schedule, and map to head to homeroom. Found it pretty easy. On my way to my 1st block(class) Still with map and schedule, of course with those things in hand, I still manage to get lost. But this was only the beginning... Now the bell rings and we're headed to 2nd block...get ready for it... THEY PUT THE WRONG ROOM NUMBER ON MY SCHEDULE! THE WROOOONGGG NUMBERRR!!! OMG ! So here I am this little vulnerable freshman in a class with a bunch of juniors! Can ya picture it? I can ! Alright, so I get the right room number and am off to the correct room. Even more embarrasing, I'm late, and am the last one walking in and they all stare ya down aaaaalllll the waaaaaay to your       seat. Lunch comes after this, yes the line is long but hey whatever, I'm with my bestfriend so it's all good =) . Band 4th block, right down the hall from the cafeteria, so all good there too. Class was easy, first day didn't do anything. Last block for the day, that was somewhat easy to find, I made it on time though and that's all I cared about. =) . So whatcha think? Little hint my school has two different days"A"days and "B" days . "B" day being my first day. My second day of school, all new classes.. went by smoothly. Thank god!

Marching Band

2009-2010 school year is my first year in highschool. I've only been there three weeks and have claimed it as my best year for school! =) As you can see, I am in the marching band, the Golden Regiment, for Bayshore high. I play the clarinet,and have played it for 2 1/2 years. Marching Band is everything I expected, and more! I plan and hope to do it for the rest of my highschool journey! The songs in our show for this year consist of: Baba O'Reily/I Wish, Thriller, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Wu-tang Wit it, and Morris Brown. Also known as the "Time Bomb!"