Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just call me butter, I'm on a roll.

Woop, here we go, number three for the day! No, I did not come up with the title to this post on my own. My band teacher uses it frequently and I find it quite catchy. Anywho, I've almost made it through my first year in higshcool! Can you believe it? I can't. Only 6 more months left. Yes, I am a little ahead of the game with being excited about school being "almost" over, but this year has just gone by so fast!  Today we got  our yearbook order forms, (my first "thick" yearbook) and yearbooks are just so darn spiffy now! Name plates?! Woo! For an extra 3.50, you get your name on a plate, and anything you want underneath it! I didn't get anything special... Just "Freshman Year."


Okay, so I realize, I didn't do so well with keeping up with my own random thoughts Monday. Woopsie. I think I am better at just randomly making posts. Every day I think of something to write about until one day it hits me and I get on the computer and type it up.


"The, the, the, the GRINCH!" Woop woop! Going to Grinchmas this year at Universal Studios in Orlando this Saturday! My first time going to Universal in all my 6 years here! I am so excited and I cannot wait! I just thought I would share this with you all. :) There is going to be a Grinch Play Showing, and a Macy's Day parade! Along with rides in between the two main events of the day! I hope I don't get lost.