Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First Day!

As a tribute to my new blog, I think I will tell you followers about my first day of highschool. So, I take out my schedule, and map to head to homeroom. Found it pretty easy. On my way to my 1st block(class) Still with map and schedule, of course with those things in hand, I still manage to get lost. But this was only the beginning... Now the bell rings and we're headed to 2nd block...get ready for it... THEY PUT THE WRONG ROOM NUMBER ON MY SCHEDULE! THE WROOOONGGG NUMBERRR!!! OMG ! So here I am this little vulnerable freshman in a class with a bunch of juniors! Can ya picture it? I can ! Alright, so I get the right room number and am off to the correct room. Even more embarrasing, I'm late, and am the last one walking in and they all stare ya down aaaaalllll the waaaaaay to your       seat. Lunch comes after this, yes the line is long but hey whatever, I'm with my bestfriend so it's all good =) . Band 4th block, right down the hall from the cafeteria, so all good there too. Class was easy, first day didn't do anything. Last block for the day, that was somewhat easy to find, I made it on time though and that's all I cared about. =) . So whatcha think? Little hint my school has two different days"A"days and "B" days . "B" day being my first day. My second day of school, all new classes.. went by smoothly. Thank god!


  1. Thank goodness you only have to live the first day of school once, well once a year that is! I'm glad things are better now for you. :)

  2. Aaahhh....highschool!! Brings back memories! Enjoy it because it goes by soooooo fast!!! :D I swear I was just a freshman..and now I'm an (ol) married lady with a baby--what?! LoL. :)

  3. First day of high school, wow I remember mine like it was yesterday! You never forget your 'first' of anything.
    My first day of High school was alright and I got through the whole experience pretty well lol
    Unfortunately my first day of college was somewhat very embarrassing.....i fell down the stairs on entering the min auditorium in front of about 200 people (in my defense, it was raining and the stairs were wet.)then i went to the wrong classroom, so had to be 'escorted' to the corect room in the correct building and then I walked in late everyone was there and I went to take my seat a the back of the room where i could died quietly and i heard a girl whisper 'hey look its the girl that fell down te stairs in the aduitorium' OMG kill me now hahaha thankfully I made some new friends who didn't care about my clumbsy episodes tht served me well throughout my time at college. But I think if you can survive that you can survive anything.
    Make's your first day look tame right lol xx

  4. I too still remember my first day of high school. It's a memory that will stay with you for a long time. Glad that you day ended on a good note!

  5. You guys (Nicole, Pixie, Kim) ROCK!! Luv You!


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