Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So during the middle of the school year, I decided to take up a couple new instruments.. Flute and Alto sax.. I can say that I have been slacking a little with the sax.. But with ALL that free time over the summer.. I'll be good enough for jazz band. (: The flute on the other hand.. I think I've "mastered" that.. Plan on playing it in concert band Sophomore year.. Changing up the sections! :D  Going to continue on the Clarinet in Marching Band, and hope to join jazz with the Sax... As you can see, i've put a lot of thought into this.. I plan to use every instrument I own (so far) for at least my sophomore year!


  1. enjoy, thinking of taking up any more instruments?

  2. ur sophomore yr is gonna be fun!! make the most of it! ......follow my blog

  3. lol i stopedd playingg my instrument this yearr.


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